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I use virtual amps and virtual pedals direct in recording because I do it at night when the kids are asleep. The sound is rad… you can imitate almost anything virtually these days. I’m investing in a ton of plugins and loving it… I used to be a purest, and now I’m a pragmatist.

I still use my boss metalzone pedal and my RAT for some crunch before it hits my interface.

Guitar wise I’m using a 70s telecaster that I love… one humbuck and one single coil give me that blended sound I love.

My first ever guitar from 25 years ago was Les Paul Epiphone. Still have it and I’m going to give it to one of my kids.

Also playing a Heritage from the 60s, ESP LTD with a Floyd rose tree tuned down a whole step (super crunchy metal riffs for long sustain chugging – Metallica). My dad gave me his Yamaha AE1200S, this electric/acoustic monste. Got a Fender Jazzmaster bass, and then a bunch of acoustic guitars… I mainly play my Taylor.

I think I have 14 guitars in all plus a uke, mandolin…

Thinking of consolidating into a Les Paul but I can’t stand the thought of trading in guitars and losing value.

Lastly, I invested in Shur SM7B for vox and acoustic mic production and the difference is incredible. Treated my walls with acoustic foam… and I almost got divorced for spending all that money (kidding)