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The 28% comes from prior polling (posted here) that 28% of GOP buy one or more of QAnons core tenets

So 28% of Republicans don’t in fact believe that Trump should be re-instated. Actually they might, but you don’t actually know because the statistic your quoted is in no way related to the subject matter.

I am pretty sure more than 28% of Republicans believe in some Tenet that Joe Biden ran on. Doesn’t mean they believe in the current immigration policy does it?

So insecure/defensive

Slow down. Look at title again. It’s asking (“?”) could 28% believe he will be “reinstated” because he’s pushing the story AND it came up at a QAnon convention AND recent polling says as many as 28% of GOP believe one of more of the totally bogus QAnon BS.

If that many people believe some portion of that load of crap then there are a lot of f-d up people in your party so why wouldn’t that many OR MORE believe it, especially when it’s the message from Trump snd his top henchmen?

Many of you seem to believe Dominik lies that Powell now admits we’re lies. See Arizona as an easy example

I would say factual. You have after all been a biggie on “facts” of late!

I didn’t get/see the “question” bit. I will concede that. But even so, it’s a HUGE leap don’t you think? It’s a bit like the a pig is pink, therefore if it’s pink it’s a pig.