Stagger Lee

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HUGE leap don’t you think? It’s a bit like the a pig is pink, therefore if it’s pink it’s a pig.

As I described, if 28% of GOP believe that the government is run by satanic pedos, how in God’s Green earth would it be a leap to believe Trump will be reinstated?

As posted before, the Cove is hopefully NOT representative but almost EVERY … almost every … 2021 Trump supporter who post here is a conspiracy theorist at some level and that ranges from OT (gift filled with Satanic pedophiles) to JBear, apparently (govt terrorism warning system may be mind control, according to Greenwald.

On top of that – and this is why it’s important that Trump espouses the same nonsense – the absolute, UNDENIABLE hallmark of Trumpism is an almost singular following on NON-NEWS information sources. From
Buggsy posting “Team Trump” propaganda and Ben Shapiro to you, only recently, PARROTING a Ron Johnson alt-right talking point (no arms at insurrection)

So no, it’s not even the least bit of a stretch.

In fact, it’s that alternate universe combo (the cocoon) that has created now nearly 500 FEDERAL DEFENDANTS (out of thousand involved) who stormed the Capitol believing … BY THEIR OWN WORDS..that they were following Trump’s order and that (lol) he would protect them