Stagger Lee

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This is why these convos are almost never constructive lol

gun owning Trumpers says it’s not an “armed” insurrection because no guns (as if guns are the only “arms”)

The same gun owners who raise this defense NOW have probably previously mocked the idea of gun free zones and yet in this instance their misplaced “no arms” defense only exists because their “brothers in arms” who stormed the “open carry” Michigan Capitol with ARs …somehow mostly decided to leave guns behind for the insurrection in DC … because of a gun law.

Lmao. To the gun owning Trumper adherence to a law they said was dumb and ineffective … is now a defense for storming the Capitol????

Everything about Trumpism is circular.

It’s because most (not all) the defenders of Trumpism are seemingly tied to only one overarching principle (defense of Trump as the leader of a white grievance movement), so every other belief or principle is malleable in defense of that single, over-arching issue. Obvious contradictions be damned lol

The same approach is seen in gun control discussions. The actual belief is “I want my guns” so the defenders of limited gun laws mostly provide circular, canned, intellectually conflicting defenses

Same thing on race. Zero willingness (for most, not all) to actually discuss the underlying issue, so circular, canned and conflicting deflections are ready (eg reverse discrimination, no systemic racism, meet my black friend, CRT is an attack on white people… who are, alone, innately racist(?))