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I posted in the thread about last weeks shooting? We discussed that we have different takes on it.

My bad. I worded that wrong.

I was referring to you starting threads. You never miss the opportunity to start a thread.

Again, you didn’t with San Jose…and we all know why.

I see that you mentioned “utility” again, and I’m not sure either one of us want to argue that falsehood again.

I’m not insulting you. Just pointing out a very clear narrative and agenda for the sake of conversation.

Well I didn’t take it as an insult so no worries there, but thanks for saying that. Same respect intended in my comments.

I understand your point on creating threads. My point if view is that there’s no reason (other than $) for the ARs. You calling it a falsehood doesn’t make it so. They were banned previously and are banned in several states now, but I still get your point. It’s kind of a perception (low utility) versus “reality” (eg “home defense”) issue, I guess. To that point, this story is in Enterprise Fl (not really a hotbed of crime or zombie hangout) and the homeowner had a shotgun and a handgun, so guessing the Ak-47 is for ….. entertainment.., more than anything