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Just because I think it is stupid doesn’t mean I would force anyone to ever eat pork.
That is part of the Left wing playbook of authoritarian control demanding those that already have natural immunity to Covid to still take the vaccine.

back on topic I can see where your opinion comes from sources not blocked.

Title of the site two words.. American

Point: Hebrews. You dope

All I can say is that coaches used to be way meaner than that when I went to High School. “you’ll have to eat….. bugs? worms? rat?…” no no, a slice of sugar cured ham! The whole thing sounds very snowflakey to me. Coaches can’t punish players, they can’t yell at them, or grab them by the shoulder pads and shake…. nothing. the snowflake response is to sit them down to a good meal… as punishment? and the left goes berserk.

I want my son to get some good old fashioned coaching when he gets to high school. It’ll make a man out of him. And since he’s a white kid I can’t see why anyone should be offended by it. Thank God I don’t live in Oregon or I could forget about that right now. Here in Florida there is still a small chance he’ll get some decent coaching.