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You calling it a falsehood doesn’t make it so.

You can’t say this…

My point if view is that there’s no reason (other than $) for the ARs.

…while saying this in the same sentence.

It’s kind of a perception (low utility) versus “reality” (eg “home defense”) issue, I guess.

Your perception is that it’s “low-utility”. Just like mine is that home defense is “reality”.

Admittedly, I haven’t checked in the last 3-4 years, but the country used to be pretty split on support of a “assault weapons” ban.

So, clearly, there’s tens of millions of citizens who see the numerous practical usages as “realty”.

Or who see the fun ….

I am sure you know that one reason behind the more recent mass marketing of ARs is the industry effort to fill the “common use” argument from the Heller case, but here’s the common sense side of the argument, using this example… the guy had a handgun and a shotgun, two classic home defense/personal defense weapons. He still bought the Ak-47

That’s because he thinks it’s cool and fun or because a couple weeks ago there was a report of a squad of insurgents in Enterprise?

Maybe it exists, but I’ve yet to see a story of a homeowner defending himself successfully because he was able to put 100 AR rounds on 8 assailants he detected 200 yards out…

I think I’ve posted before that a family member was ex military, competitive marksman and hunter who drove alone cross country regularly, sleeping in the bed of his truck. He carried a REVOLVER on the road and had a shotgun at home. Thought it was dumb that ARs were sold to “civilians.”

I can think of one great use for an AR and that would be for security on a blue water boat. Probabmy perfect in that scenario. I think you mentioned hog hunting once. Probably makes sense too.

Probably does not make sense to have one every 3-4 homes in a gated residential community in the suburbs :-)

With drum mags