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Yeah this thing is really tiny so it seems to me that it will be reserved for hollywood elites, the political class and British royal family. This is what they’ll fly around on in their $10,000 pant suits with their tea cup yorkie in their designer hand bag while the rest of us do our compulsory public service on wind farm 6969-K….. which we will be ferried to on a beet cart pulled by deplorables from the reeducation camp who are getting time off for good behavior.

Someone is sad about his lot in life.

It’s obvious that this plane is not for regular people. I’m sure I could still fly on it if it was a dream of mine or something… since so far we still live in a capitalist country where money talks but I know my wife will not let me piss money away on something so frivolous. She knows as well as you do that the only people who really need to get anywhere internationally in a hurry are VIP elected officials fighting for worldwide socialism or some kind of jetsetting hollywood elite who thinks everyone else needs to give up flying or driving cars to save the planet.