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Anybody have any info on when the rings will be awarded. I did some slight research into jostens the company making them. I also see that they should be presented sometime in June. I know sometimes they release little teaser pictures and such. I can’t seem to find a confirmed date or time.

I’ve already got mine. Cost me almost my entire stimulus check but it was worth it. Sits above my mantle.

Seriously? What is the design? Is it a replica of what the players and staff will get? I did see some really really I mean really nice rings that are already available. But I wanted to wait to see if it was the same rings the team gets. I’m hoping for some nice red gems on this one. Our last superbowl ring is pretty plain. It’s a beautiful ring but it’s plain. The Lighting rings are awesome you can twist the cup and they have a black diamond for the puck and where the playoffs were played. Kansas city rings last year are super nice. The same jeweler is making the current rings for the Bucs and they stated these will be the most innovative exciting rings they have ever made….so I guess we will have to see.

It looks exactly like that, except mine has 24K gold, real diamonds and rubies, and platinum sterling silver.