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Are we going back to the “homicides up 100%” in Oregon or whatever other liberal area a cherry-picked data set is coming from?

Stand your ground law is asinine… but being worried that someone would use a weapon happens everywhere. It happened here in Oregon when a bar fight broke out, a drunk (Trumper) carried a concealed gun (while being shit faced)… he intervened in a fist fight, and ended up getting shot by the cops because he reached for his gun when they told him to stand down.

It isn’t just Florida and stand your ground.

And jbear… I don’t watch any and I mean ANY msnbc. I read news and watch clips every now and then… but I’m not sitting down to obsess over what talking heads say and think every night. Life is too short.

Literally have no idea what Maddow thinks… don’t care for her. You’re pulling on straw man after straw man