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Just think, PuppetBiden has CANCELLED everything Trump initiated– but fgtFauci somehow “made the cut”?

Like I’ve said before, we’re gonna eventually find out that the Trash(D)Party was 100% in cahoots w/ Chyna on the Virus release. It was the only way they could stop President Donald J. Christ.

Well, then explain how Gov. DeSantis is more popular than he has a right to be primarily because of the crisis. Rightly or wrongly, people think he has done a good job.

JFK was popular for handling the Cuban Missile Crisis. FDR was popular for handling the Great Depression. GW Bush was at his most popular after 9-11. During wars and crises is when we find out what a President is made of. Its an opportunity for them to show leadership, and often they are at their most popular during these times. Trump failed the test miserably, which is why he lost the election. If he had tried to unite the nation instead of divide it, he would have won in a landslide.

So that brings me back to your point, Chron. Why would the Democrats create a worldwide pandemic in order to give Trump a chance to be more popular than he deserved to be? Americans usually unite during times of crisis. How could the Democrats know that Trump would tell people to inject bleach? How could they know that Trump would refuse to wear a mask in public and then catch the virus because of that and almost die?

Bottom line, Chron, is… crazy!