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Maybe they aren’t telling you they are Democrats because you are an asshole and its none of your goddam business. Some “freind” you are if you can’t show him respect. Is he dragging your politics out into the street? Funny, I thought you were the libertarian. You of all people, the anti-cancel culture libertarian, ought to be able to respect people’s right to believe what they want. But if you are up for a good flogging of those who disagree with you, why are you so silent about the QAnoners and Proud Boys in your own party? Why not have them dragged out of their houses and exposed to the public? Is it because you agree with them? Those are the ones trying to overturn our Democracy. Democrats and Republicans have been co-existing for what 150 years? But now in the age of Trump anybody who disagrees with Trump is anti-American and should be flogged. This is the beginning of an authoritarian dictatorship and you know it, yet you willingly join in. Some Libertarian you are.

Of all the people who I would suspect that I might offend, good natured Roy would have been far down the list.

Anyway you’re misunderstanding me. I’m not asking him he’s telling me as part of his shtick that he’s really an objective person that he is an independent and not a Democrat.

As far as being a bad friend, I’m not outing anyone. This is an anonymous message board.

Until fire gets some of his harmless anti racist black shirts pals to cyber attack the cove to track the real jbear down and out me as a dangerous racist who’s opinions are too unsavory to allow outside of a gulag, I think my friend will remain anonymous.