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You can be a statue and win as a QB. All that athleticism is a waste at the QB position unless you have a crappy o-line. That’s the only time being an athletic QB in the NFL has value. This league is too fast for a QB to be running around and making plays on his feet. It gets them hurt and shortens their career. I could literally rattle off a dozen QB’s that were athletic and could wing that ball down the field with ease, but never won the big games and left the league after their first or second contract. The league is littered with QB failures where athleticism was valued to highly.

The only thing that counts in the NFL is that you can recognize the players that are going to be open and you can deliver the ball where it needs to be for them to catch it and avoid the pick. That’s it. Brady’s made a career of doing that. You guys seem to think the Mahomes types are going rule the NFL, when I wouldn’t be surprised if he was out of the league in another 10 years due to injury.

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