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So I have this friend. We went to high school together and have stayed in touch and even our wives are friends. For years, he’s brought up politics and for the most part talks against fiscal conservatism and individual liberty and all the things I hold dear which is fine. I don’t really enjoy talking about politics with friends as that really is the smart thing to do if you want to keep friends.

Anyway, he continually brings it up and swears he’s not a Democrat and that he’s actually an independent which is weird because he seems to get his talking points off Nancy’s desk just like Karma does.

Some advice, don’t lie to friends and co workers about how you are registered to vote because it’s all public record and easy to look up. Yes he’s a registered Democrat. I finally thought to look him up a few weeks ago after I met up with him and some other friends for a few hours of bourbon tasting. It was a good time but he kept saying some ridiculous shit so I felt I had to look him up for my own peace of mind and whatdaya know…. my suspicions were confirmed.

This is not the first Democrat I know personally who is pulling shit like this. Another woman, switches parties to vote in the republican primary for the biggest asshole possible. Sure as shit she voted for Trump and spent the next 4 years putting up anti Trump FB posts.

What is it about Democrats that makes them such liars? If anyone has any insight I would love to hear it. I always lean toward the collectivist mindset. If you have a collectivist mindset, it’s not that hard to justify just about anything you do so long as you convince yourself it’s for the greater good. You are actually fighting to end the tyranny of capitalism, racism, inequality etc.

A perfect example is the recent uptick in regular Democrat celebrities and public people condoning violence either through failing to condemn violent acts that are perpetrated by left wing good guys or pretending violence never happened or was just a random act. The mental pretzels people like Fire and Karma tie themselves into to not denounce violent acts from the left are genuinely bordering on insanity.

They never admit, because they are ashamed. American-style Liberalism is a mental illness at this point