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All liberties intersect in a society. Basic common sense. Faux libertarians clown themselves

You’re the one clowning yourself Karma. Liberties do intersect however if you believe that the societal costs of someone smoking or drinking a soda pop outweigh the basic human rights of a person to do what they choose then that intersection point as you see it is a million miles from where it should be.

Your left wing view that you have to calculate the cost of the healthcare (since even healthcare isn’t an individual right or responsibility but a collective “societal” responsibility) when deciding whether a persons right to choose for themselves is a fundamental difference in the way someone like you sees the issue of liberty.

You make the exact same argument when arguing against guns. It’s where you place that intersection between the rights of the individual and the committee determined societal costs that’s the issue.

We’ve discussed this ad nauseum and I’m frankly confused as to how you can still so badly misunderstand the disagreement.