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JBear, having reflected on this thread, I have to say its a little unfocused. So I’ll just make some points.

Why should someone have to tell their co-workers what party they belong to? Well obvious answer (well not obvious to you apparently) is that they shouldn’t.

Why are Democrats liars? Maybe we are trying to keep up with the Joneses, the Joneses being the Republicans. But that’s a tall order because damn there are some whoppers out there. Have you heard the one where Trump really won the election? How about the one where Democrats have a secret society of baby eaters? How about the one where the Coronavirus was made up by the Democrats and it will all go away on November 7th? OMG I’m laughing my ass off just thinking about this, calling the Democrats liars. Whew that’s a good one.
As for everyone who voted for Trump being morons. I didn’t say that, but I’ll say that they are seriously deluded. Trump is a charismatic charlatan, snake oil salesman, who doesn’t care about America. Doesn’t care about our Democracy. Doesn’t care about our Christianity, Republicans, the Constitution, the border, the budget….. he doesn’t care about anything except Donald Trump. He tried to overthrow our Democracy, and he’s still trying. If you believe in Trump, you have bought the hype and you can’t see that you are being taken for a ride. I can’t say if its because people are morons, or they want to believe in something that isn’t there. Whatever the reason is, they are totally bamboozled.