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Don’t stick those toes in the shallow end. Jump in the deep end like I asked.

Lindsay Graham is a total asshole! John Bolton too! Tom Cotton is a disciple of one of Karma’s favorite people Bill Kristol and they are both total assholes with very low moral standards. Chirs Christie, low low low moral standards. Rudy… absolutely.

Here’s a Rudy clip that I will never in my life forget.

What a douche! and to wild applause.

Rudy asks Paul to withdraw his statement and Ron Paul responds:

“I believe very sincerely that the CIA is correct when they teach and talk about blowback. When we went into Iran in 1953 and installed the Shaw, yes there was blowback. The reaction to that was the taking of our hostages and that persists. If we ignore that we ignore that at our own risk. If we think that we can do what we want around the world and not incite hatred then we have a problem. They don’t come here to attack us, because we are rich and we are free, they attack us because we’re over there. What would we think if other foreign countries were doing that to us?”

The entire stage erupts at the blasphemy! This was the Republican party of 2008 and the remnants of this party are the worst of the worst.