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And there’s money (in their view) in GND

Damn socialists

Being profit driven a corporation will go on figuring out how to make a profit right up until the point that it isn’t possible anymore since that is the only reason they exist… to make a profit. That doesn’t make GND bullshit good for making money and you saying it does is downright moronic.

The fact the left is so terrified of the very simple to understand idea of an entity that exists solely to make a profit and not of unlimited government control of everything I will never be able to get my head around…. because it’s completely illogical. Even a small and restrained government does and should have the capability to regulate and reign in corporations but who is going to reign in your left wing utopia when it steps out of line? Nobody, or we’ll be cheering on the insurrection the next time. It is human nature to try to gain an advantage and try to improve your life, just look at AOC’s thousand dollar pant suits. You think if people like her ever gained control of the government for the good of all that they aren’t going to have their own rules their own mansions and planes while the little people toil away in perpetuity?