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Been watching the QB School on Trask on YouTube and some others. Trask is very good in short to intermediate as well as finding TE Pitts b/c why not? The common problem with Trask are two things: an extra hitch before he throws and not enough power in his throws. This works in CFB, but in the NFL where the DBs can run with the receivers, having a low thrown ball can result into an INT. Also, Trask relies too much on pre-determined receivers (or just Pitts) that he’ll forgo the open receiver under.

What all the QB scouts say about Trask is his footwork is amazing as it’s usually always a wide base. That’s a good start. With a year to red-shirt, hopefully Trask can improve adding more power in his throws for either increased velocity or velocity with loft so his deep passes aren’t flat.

Brad Johnson’s arm was better coming out of college than Trask. That’s my biggest concern about Trask is the lack of a big arm in the NFL, especially in this offense. If you look up this year’s Deep Ball Blitz, Brady had the most 20+ yard pass attempts in the league, IIRC, even more than Mahomes or Rodgers.

If we can work on Trask’s arm this year, then I’d be one happy camper b/c a big arm can help bail you out more often than not. Not that we will use a big arm all the time, but in those certain instances when you need a big arm is when it’s necessary, this includes hitting players in stride deep as opposed throwing it a bit short that negates YAC.