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Come on. Keep going. I know you got a few more in you.

DJT? Gaetz? MTG?

Or, we’re you simply saving the best for last?

Look DH, there are a whole lot of Republicans who I don’t like very much and probably have low moral standards. Remember Trey Radel? He was my representative, a TV personality and very popular guy who went to D.C. and got busted for cocaine like a week after he got there. There are low moral people in any political party.

But I reserve the most ridicule for those who I believe are not genuine about their motives, who use politics and gamesmanship with no regard for the truth and the purpose of every word they utter is to manipulate the public to some unseen ends. Given my political leanings it’s only natural that I feel that way more strongly about many democrats than I do about many republicans… because I so disagree with where they really want to lead us but won’t say.

Remember Bernie Sanders deodorant comments? I sure do, because it was one of the clearest evidences ever of a politician slipping up and revealing their true, nefarious intentions. Politically he could only go so far in trying to make the “socialism” label less scary but when you talk positively about solving hunger by controlling the means of production you reveal a real inclination towards outright communism not socialism at all. That also explains his moscow honeymoon.

Here’s a refresher.

But soo important over the last several years for Fire and Karma to go bananas for just pointing out the truth about the guy. When there is an agenda that you have to lie about on a daily basis that is an example of terribly low moral standards.

It’s just like the antifa black shirts of Rose city antifa who have been recorded teaching recruits how to cover up their true motives and tactics. Grab and smash cell phones, intimidate reporters, and punch somebody in the face without being seen or recorded. This shit is real and as low morals as it gets.

Sorry DH.