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What will Brady do when he retires? I’ve brought this question up before. Coaching? No. He’s not going to be on board with the daily grind. What about front office work? No. Brady has a lot of football knowledge of course, but does he want to get into college scouting and contract negotiations? Would he be good at that? I’ll say no to that. What about TV? He’s the GOAT, but on TV he’d be the goat, because he’d be another example of someone whos charisma doesn’t translate to the TV studio.

OWNERSHIP Now that’s where I see Brady going. 1) He has the money. 2) He has the smarts. 3) He has the star power of course. 4) I think it would interest him. Probably in the NFL, but not necessarily. Magic Johnson is part owner of the Dodgers. Steve Nash co-owns a soccer team. Joe Gibbs owned a motorsports team. But most likely its football for Brady. That’s what he knows. And he would fit in with the rich folks. He can still take a side trip to Monte Carlo on the weekend.

Of course Michael Jordan the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets. Nolan Ryan was a co-owner of the Texas Rangers for a short time. Mario Lemieux became owner of the Penguins. Derek Jeter is involved in the ownership of the Marlins. John Elway turned down an offer to own part of the Broncos. There’s usually a local tie in, but Brady is a national celebrity and he could bring a boost to any NFL team who needed one.

What about the Patriots? Does Robert Kraft want to sell part ownership to Tom Brady? For what reason? When Denver offered part ownership to Elway it was because they wanted to keep him around to be part of the organization. The Patriots are Belechik’s team. I just don’t see it.

So what about the Bucs? I’ll say its possible. I could see the Bucs wanting to keep Brady in the organization, and the only way to do that is by allowing him to become part owner. The Glazers have never been football guys, and have had their struggles over the years because of that lack of football knowledge. To be a “hands off” is the best thing, but you have to be able to bring in somebody to be “hands on” who knows their stuff. That hasn’t always been the case. It would make sense to bring in Brady as part owner if he promises to be actively involved in the football operations. Don’t take this as a prediction though. I am not going that far.