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I ran the CCC once. Going up that bridge was MURDER.

Best I can tell, the CCC, is a French 100 mile run. So, your a ultra-marathon runner?

The part of the CCC that goes over the bay is a little over 9 miles, so not even close.

Nine miles isn’t too shabby. I know I’ve ran a 15k that had the hardest hill I’ve ever ran. I kind of take pride more in my hill running than running a marathon. Before this run, I always noted that I’ve never stopped when running a hill. Towards the top of this one hill, which had steps on it . . . I literally could not run any further without putting my hands on the ground. It was so steep there, I had to climb up the rest of the way!

9 miles is about 14.5 kilometers so I guess running the CCC could be considered a 15k. Especially having to run up that bridge. That more than covers the final half mile on flat land. I won’t do that again.

I take it you hate hills!

Yep. A big reason why I live in Florida. The highest mountain here is a 300 foot landfill.

I remember a little bit of Florida. For some odd reason, they had to have us EA-6B squadrons all stationed in Washington State. If we had to get on the aircraft carrier in Florida, we’d fly clear across the country to do so. No, they can’t have the EA-6B squadrons that go to the aircraft carriers in Florida be on the East coast, and let those who go on an aircraft carrier on the Westcoast be on the west coast. They just station everyone on one coast, and well . . . i mean it’s insane to pack up the entire squadron out of the hanger in one day, put it all in one or two airplanes, and the squadron’s stuff is put in the front of the airplane, while everyone else is seated behind all this equipment stacked to the airplane’s ceiling. They have to make sure the airplane is weighted right before take off; fly clear across the country, land, go to the aircraft carrier as soon as you land, unpack everything that day; meaning load all the squadrons equipment onto elevators that bring them to the aircraft carriers hanger deck, from where we haul boxes that takes two guys to lift it, up stairs and in various spaces of the ship.

Not only that, but we’d do back to back two week workups, and month long cruises before the six month cruise. I mean we’d fly back and forth and do all this packing and unpacking for two weeks, go back to Washington for a week, then go back for another two week, then come back for a week, then go back for a month, then come back for awhile, and then go out for a six month cruise where we work 12 hour days/7 days a week.

Anyways – about all I remember of Florida is how flat it is. I like to say that land always looks beautiful from out at sea. Florida looks flat. The only land more boring that Florida is the Suez canal. Talk about seeing nothing but sand to the horizon!

I’m sure Tampa Bay and other places in Florida are a lot more beautiful than some military base!

Salute to your service. And yes, Florida is flat and at sea level. There’s a bunch of hurricane jokes this time of the year. One of mine is this:

In the event of a hurricane, it is always good to have an evacuation route planned. Especially if you live in a low lying area. To determine if you live in a low lying area, look at your drivers license. If it says Florida, then you live in a low lying area.