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A lot of scouting reports on Trask’s arm remind me of the scouting reports on Phillip Rivers. If you go back and look at some of those reports there were a lot of people that thought Rivers couldn’t throw deep and a lot of misgivings about his throwing motion.

But personally, I think the best prospect comparison for Trask is Chad Pennington – not BJ or Rivers. Gaudy college stats but serious questions about arm strength and mobility. Great accuracy and a winner.

It’s going to be interesting watching Trask develop. A lot of plugged in NFL people say arm strength is the most overrated atribute for QB prospect but I think that’s only true to a point. Obviously, if a guy’s arm is so weak he can’t make NFL throws it doesn’t matter how smart or accurate he may be. However’ I think the Mahomes and Josh Allens of the world have kind of placed an unreasonable expectation on arm strength amongst fans and teams. I think if Trask threw with just a little more velocity he would have been a top 20 pick just because of that Mahomes/Allen effect and not necessarily because it’s an essential trait to have success in the NFL.

We’ll find out in 2023.