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Maybe Coach Arians needs to actually tell his players what to do than to expect something not said to them while Brady explicitly says what he wants to the young guys.

Arians couldn’t win a Super Bowl with Winston, but Brady came in and did it.

So not a fan of Arians then? Really?


A person criticizes the coach’s passive aggressive mentality and it’s construed as hating the coach? hahahhahahahhahaha

Remember the Arians “No risk it, no biscuit” agenda? Brady is the complete opposite as his thoughts are “take what the defense gives” as well as incorporating the TE more in the passing game. Is Arians the QB whisperer? No, apparently. But Arians fits this vertical offense that was started by the previous coach, Koetter.

Arians shouldn’t be upset at Winston being turnover prone when Arians told him to always risk it. LoL This debacle can be seen a mile away since Koetter has been trying to make Winston risk averse for four years.

Maybe you should step away from football boards if you are averse to valid criticism.