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Def avoided a big problem at least in our conference. I was most afraid of him going to Seattle. Lockett, Jones, and Metcalf would’ve been scary good, plus a nightmare for our def. I never thought Green Bay was actually threat to trade for him. However, if he can stay healthy, this makes Tennessee a legit Super Bowl threat. Letting Corey Davis walk, was a mistake as he came off his best season and was a big play threat. So adding Jones had to be done with AJ Brown being their only legit WR, though I realize they are built around Henry instead.
On a side note, what was Davis thinking by signing with the Jets? He’s a super talented WR (though injuries have plagued him), but going to NYJ will destroy his future. It was a poor decision knowing Darnold was the guy initially, but now he’s starting the prime of his career with a questionable rookie QB and lack of talent everywhere