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Part time QB coach? People, you don’t get it. Brady doesn’t need health insurance and paid vacations. How about Peyton Manning? He’s worth a paltry $250 million. What’s he doing with his retirement? As you see from the below interview, Manning does not have a job. But between charities, TV shows, commercials, and the kids he is plenty busy. Why would Brady be any different? Ownership is another matter. That doesn’t require the daily grind. You are hanging with the jet setting rich folks like the ones you moved in with in Miami Beach. You get to go to the games and sit up in the owners box like Jerry Jones and have the cameras studying your facial expressions. Here’s the article about Manning from February 2021.

From 9News ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — There are people working full-time jobs with a spouse and kids who aren’t as busy as Peyton Manning has been in the five years since he retired from playing football.

Still, Manning is often asked, “What have you been doing since you retired?” 9NEWS asked if a potential return to the NFL — maybe even the Broncos in some capacity — was in his future. “Nothing on the horizon for me right now,’’ Manning said in a one-on-one Zoom interview with 9NEWS last week. “Still doing a lot of the same things you alluded to. Still on too many commercials. Probably on TV way too much.

“I’ve enjoyed since leaving the Broncos being a part of these little teams. Companies like Nationwide, I’m still part of the team, and Brad Paisley and I are in a band together, and we’ve had a lot of fun doing that. Some of the different philanthropic teams I’ve been a part of. I’ve enjoyed doing these ‘Peyton’s Places’ for ESPN. Talking to old players, got to do a great thing with John Elway, we watched The Drive against Cleveland and just learning more about the NFL I didn’t know before.

“So I’ve enjoyed staying close to it. I enjoyed doing some different things outside of football. I had a 9-year-old basketball game (Thursday) night in Highlands Ranch. An 8:40 tipoff, kind of late for a 9-year old I have to admit. Certainly protected a lot of time for kids’ stuff and our family stuff so I feel pretty busy. I don’t have a one-word job description except I’m just busy.’’