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Oh really Chron? No one prompted you to target Fauci? You just did that out of your own volition and it just happened to coincide with the MAGA directive to target Fauci. Total coincidence. Not related at all. Yeah sure. Its like you are an known alcoholic holding a half-empty bottle of vodka in your hand and saying “Its not what it looks like!” Yes it is what it looks like. You are a cult follower. All you do is spew the company line. That’s all you ever do. You would cut off your big toe before you would utter an independent opinion. Just like with OT, I hold out the admittedly unrealistic hope that you will someday have an independent thought. I know its ridiculous, but otherwise why would I be wasting my time posting this? I’m not holding my breath. But who knows. It could happen some day.

Whatever happened to OT? I have to hope that he saw the error of his ways and is too ashamed to face the music on this board. But that’s just a hope. He’s probably out there on Parler with his QAnon buddies talking about how Trump is going to be made President again in August.