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Student loan debt relief and free college are different, yes.

They are different, and both are included in the bill that Mr. Cronkite says is a phantom.

While different, the principle is the same – i.e. paying for another person’s college education.

This is the part I’m open to… community College either being cheap or free to low income housholds

Community college already is cheap compared to a four-year university. The government doesn’t need to screw that up too.

And if you can’t afford college, aren’t athletic enough to get athletic scholarships, or aren’t smart enough to get academic scholarships, you probably shouldn’t go to college. Unless the profession you’re seeking to join is a high-paying one, going into six-figure debt for a piece of paper is foolish. Go get some real-life experience, go to trade-school, and learn how to properly manage your finances. You’ll be much better off in the long run, and are less likely to be whining to your government daddy about a “living wage” for flipping burgers, asking somebody else to make the payments you agreed to make, or other such nonsense that decries personal responsibility.