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11. and to bring it all back to the Cocoon, none of you Trumpers seem to aggree that youre all being preyed upon on the basis of “confiormation bias”

12. even when Buggsy is motivated — for once in maybe a decade — to actually post about atooic and not a poster because the Bill Mahr story RESONATED WITH HIM THAT STRNGLY (evne though tis about an issue that is very very unlikely to become law)

13. That’s the entire point . . PROVEN (unknowingly, as usual) by Buggsy.

14. And its not just Buggsy, its every Trumper. JBear always screams about the secret socialist cabal. You all have these fears and the media plays to them . . and then you deny that they are playisn got them . . while talking about the Bernie bill (the guy who was supoose to beat Biden ) in an environment where Biden SPECIFICALLY broke from Bernie and the progressive’s ON THIS ISSE and that has not even passed