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I know you want a heated exchange but this isn’t my mood right now.

I understand why people are opposed to debt forgiveness but I simply disagree.

Until the government stops subsidizes [inset one of the million things here] then I don’t see why this relief wouldn’t help those in need AND inject more spending power into the economy.

Biden isn’t a leftist, he’s a centrist like Obama and has constituents to his left that he throws a bone (that’s how I view him, and I’m not stating that as a fact… rather an opinion).

So I don’t expect Biden to do anything radical here like an AOC or Sanders would propose.

I think there was be a middle ground solution…

Personally, I disagree with “don’t go to college”. I think we need to educate on HOW you go to college.

I went to community College and then a major university. It took me 7 years in total to graduate because I worked part/full-time during it.

I graduated with $50k in debt which isn’t bad or good… had some small scholarships etc but nothing major.

I think it isn’t fair to simply paint people as stupid for wanting to get a formal education… just that there was a knowledge gap. Our parents didn’t NEED college so they didn’t know how to inform their kids on college.

So many people were told to “live your dream” instead of going to school with the end in mind.

Just my two cents