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I think the big problem is that the current thought is everyone SHOULD go to College and are driven to do so. Problem is a bus driver doesn’t need to go to College. If you want to spend 20+ years on the Army you don’t need to go to College. If you change your mind after 9 years like I did, there are alternatives. In the US, the G.I Bill.

What good is $50, $60, $70+ in debt and you come out with a Bachelors in Gender studies? I was told once that as a rule of thumb any degree that ends with “studies” is a ticket to big debt and no job.

By encouraging everyone to go to college you are essentially writing a blank check to price increases because demand outstrips supply. The irony is you get academia professing everyone has a “right” to go to college, then they charge an arm and a leg for doing so, all while lecturing about “equality.”