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By encouraging everyone to go to college you are essentially writing a blank check to price increases because demand outstrips supply. The irony is you get academia professing everyone has a “right” to go to college, then they charge an arm and a leg for doing so, all while lecturing about “equality.”

this is right, in part, wrong in another

There is no direct “force” driving people to go to college. Instead, its that very common “law of good intentions” that happens with government all the time. College becomes a way to forma better life for those returning from war. the government tries to help people by making low cost MONEY more available through grants and low cost student loans. More students for a somewhat static number of universities and colleges results increased demand driving up tuition.

“academia” doesn’t say everyone has a right to go to college lol. They says everyone should have the equal ability to go to college IF THEY WANT. Colleges and universities charge and “arm and a leg” because there’s “free money” to pay and the competition for students leads ot the expoansiojn of the offering, that has to be paid for.

Vicious cycle all tied to the unintended consequence of the very well -intentioned expansion of federal and state aid

Somehow people on the right see it as almost a social crusade, it seems? The we need “ditch diggers” too crowd. We do need ditch diggers, but it aint easy being a ditch digger when the median home is in the 220K range and a basic car costs 20K. You can see that thought process in Spartan’s comment – “Problem is a bus driver doesn’t need to go to College. ” No one says a bus driver needs a college degree, many say you MIGHT be able to have a better life (IN THE UNITED STATES) than a bus drive WITH an education. In other words, the downside to the profit motive is that people get left behind.

Generally speaking, someone with a college education should earn more than someone without (CNN: “College grads earn $30,000 a year more than people with just a high school degree”)

The Bernie “Free College For All” concept is based on this reality AND . . . . and . . the idea that the opportunity is not equal across society (if you look you will see his bill calls for funding from Wall Street). Its opportunity driven, the very classic left side “good intention” that would probably have the unintended consequence of more student debt, grade inflation, and tuition inflation