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Not everyone is encouraged to go to college…

Again, it’s the HOW AND WHY…

I went to college originally for music theory, to become a music teacher. My parents didn’t have any feedback they just said “follow your dreams” because they didn’t go… they weren’t paying, and it wasn’t their problem.

I finished my associates and made the shift to a QUICKER and APPLICABLE degree that is often laughed at: communications.

I talked to a guidance counselor, put my head down, and finished the degree in what was eventually 7 years.

Many people laugh at the degree itself or that it took my 7 years but guess what… the degree itself is just a degree.

But FINISHING something you start has value.

Networking has value.

The learning itself has value.

Time management has value.

Investing in yourself has value.

Am I living a good life now based solely on getting a degree? Hell no… it’s what you do with it…

I don’t think everyone is being told to go to college, but I do think too many are told to go without knowing what they want to do with it…and that is the problem.