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You are confusing two separate things Chron. One is whether the disease escaped from a Chinese lab. That is apparently possible.

The other is the accusation that Fauci intentionally had something to do with it. That’s the ridiculous part that you are trying to pass of as part and parcel with the rest of it.

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So what is the reason for the US funding a lab making deadly human viruses? Fauci signed off on the funding from the US.

Fauci probably signed off on eight thousand projects in his years as the director of the CDC. We need to find out what happened. Lets just stop this nonsense of painting Fauci as some lord of darkness who was intentionally trying to help China develop a biological weapon to use on the world just so he could make some money. This makes no sense, Runole. Why would a guy who has been an adviser to seven Presidents be doing that? His whole life and reputation is about serving this country. And its not just one person making all these decisions. Fauci has been the face of it, but he’s the head of a large agency and he doesn’t unilaterally make decisions. But its the Donald Trump re-election machine who needs to paint Fauci as the evil, sinister bad guy, because he has to have that good vs. evil. That’s how his followers view things.