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No, Chron. If Fauci made a statement that the Coronavirus had a natural origin, and just for the sake of argument that turns out to be false and he was wrong. So then he was wrong. How does it follow that he did it on purpose? What gives you any indication that Fauci did something malicious? You haven’t explained how you get from somebody making an inaccurate statement to somebody doing something to intentionally harm Americans.

Fauci was in charge of American Coronavirus effort. You aren’t explaining why he would have anything to do with what went on in China.

But what’s really funny is that you guys bend over backwards to believe even the most inplausible nonsense so long as it groves with the most recent talking points memo but when this was said by the orange devil it was complete pandemonium.

And you can’t see your bias and prejudice. You obviously want to believe it’s just a simple mistake… Fauci made an oopsie…. had no idea what they were doing with the money etc etc etc. Despite all evidence…. despite even Fauci being on the record defending gain of function testing that was banned in the U.S.

The simplest answer, forcing you to backtrack on some of the orange man bile is unacceptable.