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I’m a fan of Bill Maher, even though we disagree on on about 65% of the issues. There’s very little gray there. On the issues we agree, we wholeheartedly agree. On the issues we disagree, we wholeheartedly disagree. But I respect the fact that he doesn’t pander to the soy boys or virtue signal to the race-baiters – for the most part. In his final segment on Friday, Maher takes down this idiotic idea of Free College for All. Enjoy:

One of the better stats: “In 1960, 15% of college students received an “A.” Today, that number is 45%. That’s not because college graduates are getting smarter…”

You wanna go to college to get a high-paying job, but racking up large amounts of debt along the way? Great, but don’t expect anyone else to pay for it.

I heard that and loved it. I have to admit I’m really warming up to that guy. What he’s saying should be obvious to anyone. But I’m sure Karma will or has already chimed in saying how Bill Maher is just trying to get clicks and he’s a media guy so he’s just selling out to say something sensational which he really doesn’t believe because it’s impossible. lol