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he actual “solution” is not more college education, its reduced cost of living and less cultural emphasis on wealth as success. Make it so the bus driver can live a good life as a bus driver.

So just rewrite human nature. No biggie. lol

This is why you guys are so wrong on everything. “We just need less cultural emphasis on wealth as success”. It’s hilarious.

Sorry to be a jerk but it just is. This is hard wired into people. It’s not just about money and “stuff” either. It’s about status, it’s about privilege, it’s about being human.

A perfect example which might at first seem unrelated was a recent church service I attended at a sort of “rock and roll” Cool church where the pews are packed with younger born again types who have completely emerged themselves in Jesus by attending multiple weekly church groups… they even have a singles group. so there are a lot of very impressionable young people who have or are considering dedicating their lives to jesus…. Not my cup of tea by the way, I found it downright scary.

Anyway the sermon was about how it’s true that you can get closer to God by not getting married and having a family “but” there’s nothing wrong with getting married and having a family either. So they apparently have a problem. too many zealots who have gone completely bonkers for Jesus.

And it’s human nature. Even if it isn’t everyone, it’s a large enough percentage of the population that will never be happy unless they do everything just a little bit more than the next person. These zealots are just a part of the contest, who’s closer to jesus. And it’s nuts but it’s freaking true.

In any case your answer to this problem… I’m assuming hundreds of millions of identical cubicles, clothes food or maybe we all just magically have everything we want all the time? is even more disgusting than watching these religious lunatics writhe around on the floor in a giant jesus orgy.

I’m just taking it to it’s logical end. There is no non monstrous way to just wish everyone into la la land. Maybe if you crack a few skulls… humanely of course. Just try to be a little nicer than Stalin and thins will work out. Sorry to break it to you fire.