Stagger Lee

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Sorry to be a jerk but it just is

But @JBear, since you seem to enjoy being a jerk (lol), you may need to talk to your Trump buddies because MY POINT was PRECISELY that its that American “hard wiring” that makes a young son of a farmer not want to take over the family farm. ITs not part of his .. wait for it . . AMERICAN dream

In other words, you guys are the only dopes who need some even cabal to be working against you all the time, who need some AOC to blame. The student loan crisis/ and tuition crisis is:

1) part AMERICAN GREED (eg for profit schools like “Trump university”) — just like for profit deregulated power in TX didnt works so well, and

2) well intentioned government assistance

ITS NOT THAT THOSE DUMB BLACK (blue, green, white and yellow) FOLK SHOULD GO TO SCHOOL BECAUSE WE NEED DITCH DIGGERS . . . its that everyone is looking for the better opportunity because everything in life is expensive . . and of course . . we all need Mercedes and $400 Nike shoes :-)