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Can you explain more? Do you mean it’s tough to dispose of bullets? Magazines ? Guns themselves?

In a word. Yes.

Much of the stuff you can’t give it away, and the Cops and authorities don’t want to take it off you as then they are responsible for getting rid of it.

Let’s take ammo. You cannot throw it in the trash, take it the land fill and it’s difficult finding somewhere to take it. Why get rid of ammo? An example is my Father in Law recently died and he had bee bee pellets and 20 gauge shot gun shells. Don’t know why because he didn’t have a shot gun or a bee bee gun. I am now stuck with them because I can’t throw it away (even the bee bee pellets) and my local cops won’t take them. I guess I will find a place eventually but it’s not like popping down to the local publix.

Getting rid of a gun. Dealers are not interested in buying it from you unless it is very valuable, or it is a trade in. Then they low ball you. Why? Because they can safely knowing the only other way is a private sale which you guys want to eliminate and is a pain in the ass unless you already know the person.