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The SYG laws were in response to the concept of duty to retreat. People were getting killed and severely injured as they were not legally allowed to defend themselves.


The problem funny enough is, IMO, caused by people (especially attorneys + DA’s) who don’t agree with SYG. What? Yes I know it sounds odd, but they were very quick to prosecute people who pulled their firearms and DID NOT USE THEM. Their argument was that if you were in fear for your life/bodily harm you would have used the weapon. Since you did not, you could not really have been in fear for you life, therefore SYG does not apply and therefore you go to jail.


Can you point to even a SINGLE case to support that?

To being with a judge and then a jury makes the decision on the SYG defense. its a form of self defense

told and taught NOT to draw your firearm unless you have every intention of using it. And if you did draw it, use it, because if you don’t you run a very high risk of being arrested

this is EXACTLY opposite of the law. LOL, maybe you should’ve shot the instructor

The law before SYG was simple. Its was designed to minimize death by making it so that OUTIDE YOUR OWN HOME you had an obligation to be reasonable, that is to defend yourself, but also to do so BY GETTING AWAY IF YOU COULD

SYG was premised on the belief that CRIME would decline in the NRA fantasy scenario where everyone was armed and could use their gun to kill you, no matter what you did.

Florida has numerous examples of the flaw in the law. Here one high profile case

Michael Drejka was convicted

I am not sure, but I think his defense even WITHDREW his SYG defense