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harrybucman wrote:If you would pull your head out of Brady’s ass maybe you could see that the outcome of the SB was determined before kickoff. Both of KC’s starting tackles were out. There was no way they were going to beat us if they couldn’t block our vicious defense. Hell, we really only had to score 10 points. That’s a fact Jackass.

Hate to chime in on my thread…but we also had some injuries on the OL
No you are right the game WAS over before it started for TWO reasons
1) The Bucs were not going to lose a home Superbowl…PERIOD
2) K.C. were already getting the bubbly on ice and had the trophy case ready…they didnt take Tampa seriously. Just listen to them pre game…they thought this was going to be easy

K.C. beat themselves for the most part…Tampa just pushed them off the cliff

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