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A lot could be said about Byron or Todd taking over when Bruce decides he has had enough…but keep a VERY close eye on Gainesville

Seems like Mullen and Arians have been talking a lot I would not be shocked if Dan Mullen gets the job when Arians leaves

Frankly I think Dan would be a major get…he is IMO a better all around coach than Urban Meyer was.

I think there will be a ton of smoke around this at the end of 2021 early 2022

I don’t think so. The college game is vastly different from the NFL in the way it’s run. There’s a reason why Nick Saban is a legend in college but couldn’t hack it in the NFL.

Only three guys have won an NCAA National Championship and a Super Bowl as a head coach. Can you name them without looking at Google?

Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Pete Carroll

Very good. And not a single one of those three men ran a clean program in college. That is some club they are in now.