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This is hard wired into people.

No its not

which makes it hilarious that you would say that.

In fact, the emphasis on fame, wealth, is almost a key American trait, meaning much of the world doesnt share the same view, at least not to the extent that we do.

That’s really easy to see if you ever get out of central Florida

a simple example . . from “outside central Florida” and an article by Politifact that took 2 seconds to fine with . . The Google

Jennifer Boysko: Says that the “United States is the only industrialized, modernized country that does not already have a paid family medical leave program in place.”

PolitiFact’s ruling: True

Here’s why: Sweeping legislation that would have established a paid family leave program for Virginia employees was recently killed in the state Senate.

The bill, introduced by Sen. Jennifer Boysko (D-Fairfax) would have established a wage tax in 2024 to finance up to 12 weeks of annual paid leave time for workers at 80% of their regular earnings. Eligible were employees:

Caring for a new child the first year after birth, adoption or foster placement;
Experiencing or caring for a family member with serious health problems;
Caring for the family of a deployed service member. . . .