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Not sure that reality matters in Trumpland, but at least one part of this debate (student loans) is actually a problem, in part, because of the crazy action taken by the Trump admin (Betsy DeVos), but this very brief description below SHOWS (in bold) the unintended consequence of government trying to help disadvantaged people. Look at the BOLD:

“Founded in 1995, Corinthian Colleges once had more than 100 campuses across the country, with 74,000 students enrolled. In 2014, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau accused it of illegally collecting high-interest private loans that it marketed to students.

The CFPB’s action coincided with the filing of more than 100 lawsuits in federal court about Corinthian’s practices, and the company lost federal funding because of deceptive marketing and lying about its graduation rates, with high loan defaults being one result. It filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015.”


Corinthian (and other like) probably dont even exist without the federal government and then when they (and others) were SUED (people trying to recover from fraud – “collecting high-interest private loans that it marketed to students”) it took PROTECTION under the bankruptcy laws (“It filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015”)

Trump’s contribution to the problem was BETSY DEVOS

TRUMP OWNED . . . TRUMP UNIVERSITY . . . a “for profit” .. skool