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Trumpers trying to make this more than it is

Lindsey Graham admitted that the point is to deflect Trump blame

in the mixed up MAGA world, somehow blaming the lab makes Trump right . . . about the handling of the pandemic (ie the reason 600K died)??


Exactly. Why is the attack on Fauci ramping up so much lately? Its because Trump needs to change the perception that he botched the Pandemic in his attempt to restart his political career. He needs people to forget that he promoted that Hydroxy stuff, suggested drinking bleach, downplayed wearing masks, and didn’t refute the idea that the whole thing was a ploy by the Democrats that would go away on November 7th.

FDR: The Great Depression. JFK: Cuban Missile Crisis. GWB: 9/11. Lincoln: The Civil War.

All of them got re-elected because they showed leadership during a time of crisis. Trump would have easily been re-elected had he showed one iota of leadership. He didn’t have to cure Covid. All he had to do was try to bring the nation together to face a difficult crisis. He didn’t do that. He even had Republicans who voted in elections and left the President blank. They wanted to vote Republican but couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump.

He failed. Not Fauci. Not Hillary. Not Obama. Donald J. Trump failed.