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In fact, the emphasis on fame, wealth, is almost a key American trait, meaning much of the world doesnt share the same view, at least not to the extent that we do.

That’s really easy to see if you ever get out of central Florida

Bullshit Fire. You’re probably talking about some German guy who goes to a hippie nudist camp on weekends and gives lip service to going “natural” and getting rid of possessions but he still wants to get laid as much as the next guy so status is still important to that guy. He still drives there in his audi and even when you do find a loon who lives in a tent somewhere because they want to be off the grid they still reject your controlled final solution where everyone happily lives in a concentration camp and sings Kumbaya all night long.

Bullshit bullshit bullshit. People want to be different and individuals AS a form of status. It’s all about having something others don’t. If you can convince people to believe it’s cooler to have shitty stuff then it’s still about status…. it’s still about “look at me” so your utopia won’t ever work… not in any stable way. Everyone will never want to have all the same shitty stuff fire. Get your head out of your ass.

Also I live in SW Florida near the beach and it’s freaking awesome.