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a simple example . . from “outside central Florida” and an article by Politifact that took 2 seconds to fine with . . The Google

“Jennifer Boysko: Says that the “United States is the only industrialized, modernized country that does not already have a paid family medical leave program in place.”

What the fudge?

Back on topic… I can give you hundreds, even thousands of examples of how wrong you are about caring about having better than your neighbor is only an American culture problem. In fact it’s insanity to even suggest that. This problem is a universal problem of one upsmanship that is even more dangerous in authoritarian countries like China or Russia. The thing you always miss is that my fear of government isn’t because I don’t like being told what to do it’s because of corruption.

The more power the govenrment is given the more inevitable corruption and that corruption spreads right along the same fault lines. Having better stuff, more status, more freedom, just more of everything. That’s why I love to talk about AOC’s thousand dollar pant suits… not because she’s not entitled to buy what she wants in a free society with a relatively free market but because she’s against all that as you often seem to be, yet she at least has shown that she’s as human as everyone else. She wants cool shit and if given the power she’ll always have the best of the best.

Why do you think the Soviet Union was so corrupt? At the end the black market was probably larger than the “real” economy. People jumped at the chance to spend rubles on anything which they would store away to trade when they needed something. This happened because of that human nature it sure as hell isn’t because of American culture as any 2 watt lightbulb ought to be able to see. The corruption stemmed from the complete authority of the government in every aspect of life. The smart people got into government and if they weren’t smart they knew someone or their cousin or wife’s father or some other relative was in position to grease the skids. It’s human nature. Everyone wants more than the next guy and communism ignored that fact.

Fire opened up this discussion by giving his ridiculous “solution” to save the planet by making people happy with less shit. So thank Fire not me.