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You’re probably talking about some German guy who goes to a hippie nudist camp


I gave an actual example . . not involving a German nudist

the us only major developed county without PAID FMLA

or a second one . . death of family farm largely linked to LOBBYING power of big corporations

Fuck that was your example? That doesn’t have anything to do with anything.

Let me just… sheesh. So I guess, paid family leave is a necessity in la la land. Ok I follow. So it’s not just an “I want to be cool so I need fancy shit”. This is just a basic human right… paid family leave, free healthcare, a basic minimum income, food of course, a place to sleep of course….. A phone of course…. internet, you have to have internet… free education? I’m asking cause that’s what we began with. Free education is a basic human right? Right?

Do you seriously even hear yourself? Good lord. This is your point? That you’re a socialist? thanks but I already figured that out years ago… and now you’ll deny it again. of course. You’re not a socialist at all you’re just a completely normal person and people like me are completely insane!! Right?

Even if you managed to turn the country into a wonderland by providing everyone with all the basic human “rights” it still won’t be enough. Those goal posts move. they always move and always will move.

This is how people like you delude yourselves. You believe that you’ll do it better this time. And you pretend that you don’t see that socialist Europe is basically in it’s death throws already. Once you take away the fairness of a system based on merit and replace it with a system based on committee defined social justice things will get bad quickly. It’ll take decades but it will happen. I say committee defined because that’s what it will really amount to. We have a system that’s based on definable metrics, profit, good business practices and making wise financial decisions and you want to replace it with a system thats based on a bunch of feelings and “fairness” and it won’t fucking work as has been proved countless times in history.

Have I said that this is bullshit? Because it is.