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I’ve been to 35 counties and can confirm, the USA is quite unique in how we view wealth…

We’re also one of the more conservative 1st world countries, if not THEE most, in the world.

People called Biden a socialist… so just put that in perspective for a moment

I’ve not been to 35 best I recall, but then again the question wasn’t for you.

That said, even China values wealth (now), so please feel free to point out any country that is not to some degree driven by fame and fortune.

What I will say is that “fame” is typically PERCEIVED to be an American thing because of the global movie and music industry being so centered in the USA. Most movie stars are/were American, most music stars are/were American.

Yet look around all the continents and countries and there is plenty of fame and wealth seeking to pass around.

Many of the African Govts, all about corruption and fortune.
Many of the Arab oil countries all about wealth.

Even the “communist countries” of old had heroes of the moves and politics. Its definitely not a solely or predominantly American thing.