Boid Fink

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I keep thinking about how much protection Brady needs. And how they could have drafted a backup olineman in the event one of the starters goes down. I keep thinking how nice it would be to have a solid prospect waiting in the trenches would be such a benefit to the team and offense. I keep thinking about cap issues next year, and how plugging a second year player would have made sense. Particularly if they have good potential. I keep thinking of immediate contingency, and how developing a backup is laughable, when the Bucs should be shoring up for at least one more title, which would be amazing and cement this team as one of the greats.

Trask was a wasted pick. He isn’t the future, he is another wasted QB selection that will sell local homers more jerseys.

Really a short sighted, wasted pick. Trask is a fourth, fifth round prospect. Not a thing about his talent says otherwise, and that is that.